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Horse & Rider is the Isle of Man’s well known equestrian retailer, established in 1998. Horse & Rider supplies a variety of equestrian products from horse feed and bedding to the luxury brands of Samshield, Petrie, Pikeur, Eskadron, Anky, Spooks and also offers a huge range of everyday, competitively priced essentials.

Horse and Rider


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Ride or Die kinda gal 🙃😂💯 ... See MoreSee Less

Thu Aug 8th, 2019  ·  

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If you don't get a chance to see the lovely people from Equine Synergy 🌞 at the Royal Manx Agricultural Show they will be available at Horse & Rider from 1pm-5pm to have a chat about their Head To Hoof 🐴 supplement & other nutritional advice 🎉

A little bit about Annette below ⬇️⬇️

⚫️ Annette Singer - Bio

"HEAD TO HOOF Formula was created when a group of horse lovers who were also scientists decided that the market needed a supplement with a solid basis in the latest research in equine nutrition. Annette Singer, M.S., one of the company nutritionists, is a keen horse lover who at a young age was riding western horses in the USA. Later she competed internationally in showjumping and currently she enjoys dressage. But as long as she is on the back of a horse she is happy. She works with a number of successful vets, physios, and horse care individuals to spread the word about the correct and holistic approach to equine nutrition."
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Wed Aug 7th, 2019  ·  

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Horse feeling a little sluggish? 🐢🐢

Try Equine America's Pro Pell Plus from just £14.75 🐎💨

No need to change feeds, just a measure of this into their daily feed to give them that little boost 💪

An energy dense glucose-fructose complex to ensure Pro-Pell plus is appetising and palatable when horses need a pick-me-up!

High levels of work, and an intense competition programme can leave some horses feeling fatigued and a little “flat” 🥵

This can also occur when horses are recovering from an illness and struggling to return to their original workload 🤞
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Mon Aug 5th, 2019  ·  

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There’s only a few weeks to go until we officially stock Holland Cooper Equestrian! 🎉 Comment below to let us know you’re excited for the launch and make sure you’re following us IG📷: @horseandriderequestrian and @hollandcooperequestrian for all the latest updates and behind the scenes 🙈💯 #HollandCooperEquestrian #HorsesOfHC #EquestrianStyle #Equestrian #EquestrianLife #EquestrianLove ... See MoreSee Less

Mon Aug 5th, 2019  ·  

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After months of the HC team planning, it’s an honour to finally be able to show you behind the scenes of Holland Cooper’s Equestrian Collection lifestyle shoot.

#HollandCooperEquestrian #HorsesOfHC #EquestrianStyle
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Sat Jul 27th, 2019  ·  

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