Cavalor FreeBute Tablets 90 tablets per potCavalor FreeBute Tablets 90 tablets per pot

Cavalor FreeBute Tablets

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Cavalor FreeBute contributes to the maintenance of flexible muscles and joints. It offers the natural relief that horses sometimes need to enable them to continue to move freely.

Recommended Use
Sport horses will only deliver an optimum performance if they feel well. Cavalor FreeBute provides support for muscles and joints in order to guarantee better flexibility.

Relief from pain and discomfort is the start of many healing and repair processes. Many remedies aimed at achieving this contain banned substances or can have undesirable side effects.

Cavalor FreeBute contains only natural ingredients that are harmless, even for the stomach, and can offer relief for many commonly occurring problems.

Product Properties - Key Ingredients
It’s all in the mix – a complex mixture of botanical ingredients The development of the herb mixture used in Cavalor FreeBute (Paste) also focused mainly on the synergy between certain raw materials.

Herbs such as Tanacetum Parthenium, Ribes Nigrum folia, Viola Tricolor herba and Zea Mays stigmata have different individual efficacy mechanisms that strengthen the impact of the herbs when combined.

This was also demonstrated in our scientific research programme 1,2.

The ingredients are particularly effective in relieving the symptoms that occur when muscles and joints are subject to excessive stresses (pain, fever and inflammation). Cavalor FreeBute in tablet form also contains green-lipped mussel, which makes it particularly suitable for long term use without undesirable side effects in horses with a sensitive musculoskeletal system.

University of Prince Edward Island, Canada (2013). Screening the efficacy of various multi herbal formulations for the additive effects in an in vivo joint inflammation model.
University of Prince Edward Island, Canada (2013). Evaluation of 7 different ingredient combinations – raw materials and multi herbal formulations–in an in vitro joint inflammation model
Instructions for Use
Give your horse 5 – 10 pills per day, based on its individual requirements. Maximum 25 pills per day per horse.

Start using the secret ‘one-two’ formula of Cavalor® two days before a competition and go for broke. Hard workers always suffer from a degree of stiffness or pain, but with Cavalor FreeBute their complaints will be reduced to ensure that they feel great. Cavalor LactaTec / Muscle Fit has a similar effect on muscles, by reducing acidification and, more importantly, by stimulating the breakdown of lactic acid. Muscles are less stiff and more flexible as a result, promoting maximum muscle activity and giving the horse that little bit extra needed to win. See and feel the difference in just 2 days.

Feeding Rate Information
Feeding Rate 5 - 10 pills per day
Pack Size 90 pills
Pack Lasts 9 - 18 days supply
Max Daily Rate 25 pills per day

Like all Cavalor products, Freebute is FEI compliant to recommended administration levels.