D&H Autarky Mature Lite with Chicken

Autarky Mature Lite Chicken

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Size: 12 Kg
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Autarky Mature Lite with Delicious Chicken is a lower calorie dog food to help prevent weight gain. Wheat gluten & soya free.

With a moderate calorie content to prevent weight gain, Autarky Mature Lite Delicious Chicken contains natural antioxidants and beneficial herbs to support the immune system and prebiotics for digestive health. Taurine and carnitine keep hearts healthy, enhanced fat utilsation maintains stamina and essential fatty acids and B vitamins look after the skin and coat and help boost scenting ability.

Autarky Mature Lite Chicken is perfect for the older dog, or those prone to weight gain. Wheat gluten and soya free, ideal for dogs with digestive sensitivities.