Equine Synergy Head to Hoof Supplement

Equine Synergy Head to Hoof Supplement

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Size: 5.4kg
HEAD TO HOOF FORMULA is the UK's leading all-in-one supplement, designed with a holistic view of the horse. It is all natural with no fillers and contains scientifically supported levels of nutrients and active ingredients.

If you goal is....

strong hooves
sound joints, ligaments and tendons
healthy digestive tract
beautiful muscles
shiny mane and coat
steady focused temperament
quick recovery from exercise
.....then an all in one supplement based on superfoods is the answer.

So many supplements do not provide adequate quantities of nutrients to make a difference.

For the horse owner who is tired of buying a range of mediocre supplements which may not work, and perhaps are not meant to be combined, this is a holistic, science-based approach to keeping your horse healthy from HEAD TO HOOF with proven results.

HEAD TO HOOF FORMULA supports your horse's complete health and allows him to always be the best version of himself