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Buy Horse Feed and Treats Online, including Baileys Tasty Treats, Likit, Dodson & Horrell and more. We offer a great range of high quality and affordable horse feed and treats online – available for delivery across the UK with Free delivery available.

In this category, we have treats in different sizes, shapes and flavours. Some are just tasty and some have vitamins and minerals to boost your Horse and Pony’s diet.

The right horse feed plays an important part in raising your horse and ensuring that they get the right nutrition in the form of a carefully balanced diet, but that doesn’t mean that they cant enjoy a few treats. Horse treats are the ideal training aids and can help to alleviate boredom in the stable. They are also the perfect way to simply treat your horse and to show your love and appreciation

The delicious range of horse treats available at Horses & Riders means we offer something for every horse. From nutritious licks, to treats for balls to tasty tit-bits to feed by hand as a treat or reward, we are sure to have your horse’s favourite!

Horse treats come in lots of different flavours and they take various forms, from the regular pressed treat to crunchy biscuits and Horse licks to the scrumptious Stud Muffins.

We have horse treats that are fed by hand or included in their feed and also hanging horse treats such as Uncle Jimmys Licky Thing or Likits which are crammed with goodness and flavour, they also last a little longer too.

We also sell special occasion and special addition treats when they become available so keep an eye out! We stock the popular Likit range in many sizes and flavours.

We also stock a full range of Horse Supplements from leading brands including Dodson & Horrell, Equine America, Gold Label & NAF, together with a great selection of mineral licks and treats to offer your horse the perfect nutritional solution