LazyOne Labradors Adult Crew SocksLazyOne Labradors Adult Crew Socks

LazyOne Labradors Adult Crew Socks

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Smuggle some sass into everyday wear with comfy crew socks. Made from a quality blend of 75% cotton, 15% nylon and 10% spandex. our crew socks are simply a 'moose have' for adding flair to your footwear. As a herd of nature lovers, Lazy One continually strives to “go green” as they move toward becoming a plastic-free company. Hangers made from recycled paper and an emphasis on recycling are all top priorities of Lazy One. In a nutshell, Lazy One is all about keeping folks feeling warm and fuzzy, from super comfy PJ’s to Cosy Slipper socks-- all served with a hearty dose of hilarity.